Friday, September 5, 2008

Wish List -- Fabrics

I can always use:

12 x 12 or 13 x 13 pieces of 14 ct white or off-white Aida
25 to 40 ct. whites and neutrals of evenweave or linen
25 to 40 ct. hand-dyed evenweave or linen of different shades (esp Sassy's Fabby's or Silkweavers)

My favorites are:

28 or 32 ct. natural, raw, or Summer Khaki lugana or cashel

Other specific project needs:
9 x 15 -- 32 ct Barnwood linen (SB Better Not Pout)
11 x 17 -- 32 ct Antique Ivory linen (SB Road to Bethlehem)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wish List--Accessories & Finishing Supplies

--Q snaps of various sizes, esp. small
--Thread Heaven
--needles in size 26 or 28
--PAKO needle organizer
--cording tool

--fat quarters of fabric for finishing
--eyelets and rings for floss tags
--crushed walnuts shells or poly pellets for stuffing fobs
--pins of various colors
--ribbons or cording for finishing

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wish List -- Threads

I use DMC. My favorite specialty threads are Weeks Dye Works, Gentle Arts Sampler Threads, Crescent Colours, and Thread Gatherers Silk 'n Colors.

Here's some specifics:

Kreinik VFB #4
002 Gold
003HL red, hi luster
202HL Aztec gold, hi luster
153V vintage burgundy
005 black
009HL emerald, hi luster
003 red

Kreinik BF
003 red
002 gold

Kreinik FB #8
013 beige
002 gold

Caron Collection Waterlilies
158 grape
083 pine forest
072 midnight

Caron Collection Soie Crystale
4005 yellow, pl.
0076 navy

Needlepoint Inc. Silk
548 Renaissance green, vy. Dk.
209 russet red, ul. Vy. Dk.
206 russet red, lt.
296 Old English green, dk
244 meadow green
692 palomino gold, lt.
245 moss green
843 Hellenic gold
588 burnt umber
208 russet red

Needle Necessities
153 razzle-dazzle red
198 tropical rainforest
152 Moulin Rouge
139 mountain spruce

DMC Coton Perle #8
712 cream

DMC Coton Perle #12
224 shell pink, vy. Lt
712 cream

Needle Necessities Pearl 8 Overdyed
8158 rose quartz

Thread Gatherer Silk ‘n Colors
164 acorn woods
1001 newt green

Thread Gatherer Hand Painted Silk
Vintage Browns

Ginnie Thompson Flower Thread
100 white
208 rose, lt.
255 red, vy. Dk.
370 Christmas red
665 lilac, dk
660 lilac
530 blue, med.
525 blue, lt.
830 grey, dk.
900 black

Gloriana Threads
113 autumn arbor
062 cranberry

Rainbow Gallery Treasure Braid Petite
PB01 bright gold
PB20 dark green
PB10 white pearl

Rainbow Gallery Holo Fyre Werks
FH6 red

Rainbow Gallery Wisper
W64 beige heather

Rainbow Gallery Mandarin Bamboo Floss
M809 ruby red

Madeira GlissenGloss Estaz
01 opal white

Access Commodities Accentuate Metal Thread
041 silver
300 iridescent white

Wildflowers OverDyed Cotton